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How it works

Draft your questions

Draft questions under wide range of categories. Select the type of answer you want from different styles- Yes/No, MCQ's, Yes/No+Reason, Rank Order and Get started!

Set your Target Audience

Select the range of demographics and other criteria required for your target audience. You will have quick results that are from verified users.

Get Detailed Responses

Once all your data is collected, you will have a proper report. If you want detailed responses you can have experts insights from professionals.

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Our only criterion is for your expertise to be verifiable. Log in using your LinkedIn credentials which provides us with the most concise and accurate insight on your field of expertise.


Our platform is a medium for enabling engagement with a worldwide network of experts from diverse Categories & specialties.


Provides value by responding to enquiries at your convenience via mobile app, get recognised and become nationally and internationally available and accessible to give expert insight.

What can we do & how?

We can be an Idea/Concept/Business Model/Technology/Plan/ Validation Platform for Start-ups! So that you don’t end up making something nobody actually wants.

We automate market validation by giving you access to a market research tool that is usually available to large corporations and companies with huge market research budgets

We give you a tool to compare new product ideas. Receive results up to 100x faster and much cheaper

We help you ask questions in a professional and scientifically validated questionnaire format from potential mentors of your product/service or idea, based on demographics and other criteria. You receive balanced and impartial results from the most reliable and certified sources.

We interpret and gather the responses received and make it available in an intelligent dashboard including actual user/mentor comment and feedback

It's difficult to identify the potential mentor, customer or user, even tougher to find them and almost impossible to reach out to ask the right questions. We turn this into a seamless process. You simply draft your questions; mention the targeted skill set and expertise and we take care of everything else. We find the right respondents and deliver the response and results within a short period of time


Get instant answers from qualified experts & advisors who can help solve your problem.

In this Uber economy, people are constantly seeking the correct source of information and verified knowledge from certified and qualified people for making critical and informed decisions daily.

HOWKYA makes it very easy for people to engage productively online through knowledge sharing which is on-demand and in real time

Our platform acts as a catalyst towards validation of your idea, concept, design, approach or any thought by promoting collaborative and engaging interactions with Subject Matter Experts via mobile or web consultations.